1. Testing out some new photoshop watercolor brushes.


  2. Big old basset carving of #winstonthehound in progress.
    #woodcut #illustration #dogs


  3. I’ve been trying to work on my figure drawing a bit and decided to try to start bringing some of them to finished illustrations. I’ve also been meaning to start illustrating snippets of conversations I overhear people say passing by them on the street.  So here’s me first attempt at combining those two. 


  4. Got a shirt up for scoring on Threadless. If you could take a minute to score it and maybe even share it, that would be awesome. Help me get this design printed!



  5. Messing around with animating my new logo.


  6. Finished bird feeder board for the Montana Skatepark Association ondeck fundraiser auction. #woodcut #birdfeeder #printmaking #illustration


  7. Two new prints I did for @cannonballpress
    #woodcut #printmaking #illustration


  8. New skateboard carving in the works for Montana Skatepark Association.


  9. Happy Birthday to another great one. Townes Van Zandt collage on wood, 2013.


  10. Some details of the part 2 block. Prints coming soon via @cannonballpress
    #illustration #woodcut #luckyhumanfoot