1. Here’s a spot illustration I did last week for a news article in @portlandmercury


  2. Repost from @hoppsskateboarding of a the 3 board curb dog series I did for them a few years back


  3. Here’s the final version of the Initiates album cover I just finished up.


  4. Whale DJ submission for this weeks Illustration Friday topic “radio”. 


  5. Album cover carving in progress for an Australian band called Initiates.


  6. Max Hull and Mac Shafer made this rad process video of me carving and printing the hunter 2 block. Check it out

    (Source: vimeo.com)


  7. Friends heads from my show last week.


  8. Thanks everyone for such an awesome turnout last night! If you missed it last night, the prints will be up for a week. Special thanks for @turk11561 and @2ntrbrooklyn for being the best host! And thank you @shortwave_shorty for holding down the print table all night.


  9. New carved skateboards colored, inked and finished. Come check them out at the show tonight at 2nd Nature (257 Varet st off Morgan L) from 7-11. Free food and beer too!


  10. @m_a_x_h_u_l_l and @mac_shafer made a really awesome short vid of my process of carving and printing a block. It will be playing at my show tomorrow night @2ntrbrooklyn … Hope to see you there!